Hello and welcome! I´m David Nieto Rojas, graphic designer, webmaster and motion grapher 3D.
I love designing and developing creative fixes.
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Hamster cartoon
Hamster cartoonHamster cartoonHamster cartoonHamster cartoon


This is a illustration about main character of videogame Hamsty Crafty for mobiles where an hamster in his jail, eat food for throw it to air then and come get with the mouth. At the meeting, with the development team, we agree that it should have a cute appearance and sweet look with flat lights and shadows in order to doesnt charge with details. For that we choise a fat shape, we exaggerated the features like cheeks and eyes, we did them very expressive, so the game is for players of all ages, but specially female audience.

We began looking for material through internet in order to pick ideas and start the illustration about the hamster. Then I showed several samples and we got the choisen one I continued with the hamster illustration in as differents poses than the game required.

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