Hello and welcome! I´m David Nieto Rojas, graphic designer, webmaster and motion grapher 3D.
I love designing and developing creative fixes.
¿Do you want work together?. Send me a message.

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Perfume Kool
Perfume Kool
Corporative image
Perfume Kool
Advertsiment image
Perfume KoolAdvertsiment image


Like the same personal proyect"Heras fragance" I thought create another similar proyect but with a different focus. On this occasion I whished create a image for a men perfume within 35-55 years with a high-middle life status, who are wory about his appearance. For that I whished create a remarkable logo, blending black and golden color, using authority lines and shape.

In order to create a advertisment image I used modelling and texturing 3D techniques and several passes rendered.