Hello and welcome! I´m David Nieto Rojas, graphic designer, webmaster and motion grapher 3D.
I love designing and developing creative fixes.
¿Do you want work together?. Send me a message.

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Last works
I loved the design in general. I´m continously experiencing and creating new ways and styles, in order to do the best projects.

Here you can find some about my last works.

Typography with clouds

Typography - clouds

New free design Typography scene, It become letter in clouds, shapping "Clouds" word.

Typography with cheese

Typography - cheese

New free design Typography scene, It become letter in cheese, shapping "Cheese" word.

Creative clouds

Compositionn - Creative clouds

New free design Composition about s fantasy scene in the sky, playing with contrast amount lights and shadows created with retouching techniques and digital painting.

Beach typography

Typography - Beach

New free design Typography composition, It become 3D letters in objects and elements which we can find in a beach.

Typo electric

3D Typography

New free design This typography effect was done in order to practice new techniques and works methods.

Hamster illustration

Ilustración - Hámster

New free design This is the illustration about the main character to Hamsty Crafty videogame.

My knowledge
I have been learning autodidact way, through books, tutorials, videotutorials, and so and so...forever. Thanks about them, I have experienced new ways of works and i have could increase the odds.

Graphic Design
The first look is very important for any company or project and all begin by it corporative image,conveying through by it the values which characterize and differentiate them of others.

Design and development web
I have knowledge needed in order to develop all kind of websites, CMS, Blog, Ecommerce... together web marketing technics, SEO and SEM in order to get good results and therefore benefits.

Motion graphics
The 3D animation and Motion graphics is used more and more in these days. I can create shocking projects in order to promote in TV and social networks with the knowledge needed in software.