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If you are regulars to this blog you will have appreciated my fondness for online courses, which can be purchased for a small fee on several online platforms. In this article I want to share the 3D modeling courses which have helped me to improve my skills in this field. Especially 3D modeling for advertising, as there are many areas in which you can make use of this resource, through the film industry or video games and increasingly stronger in architecture.

Before starting with the list about 3D modeling courses I want to share a couple of examples of personal work that I have done to put into practice what I have learned (although there is still a long way to go to continue improving) so you can see the results that can be achieved with these courses.

Cartoon style 3D car modeling
Cartoon style 3D car modeling
Motorcycle 3D modeling
Motorcycle 3D modeling

Cartoon character 3D modeling

In this course, Juan Solis (who has worked for Disney Animation, Dreamworks, Ilion Animation Studios and Blur Studios in projects such as Frozen, ThrollHunters, Spiderman or Tadeo Jones) will teach you the methodology in the creation of 3D characters according to the previously established guidelines of the art department and how to prepare them to be part of a large animation production.

Cartoon character 3D modeling

This course is intermediate level, so it does not focus on explaining the operation of each tool. If you are starting with 3D modeling I recommend other more extensive courses (this course is about 2 hours), and even books to lay the foundations in 3D modeling.

After a presentation by the tutor, the briefing of a project is analyzed and the search for references that will help you define the look and feel in order to make the first sketch of your character.

Next, you will start with the modeling using the basic shapes of your character to make a first fitting of the main pieces, then you will move on to the modeling and sculpting phase and finally, you will pose your character.

Then you will get into the technical part, correcting the topology of the character and the uvs so that later it can be textured correctly. Finally, Juan Solis shares tips to develop the work as a 3D cartoon character modeler in a professional way.

Rate: 7.0/10

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Creation of realistic 3D props for videogames

3D artist Paula Sánchez-Ferrero is passionate about video games and, since she started a few years ago, has advanced in her field by leaps and bounds, having collaborated on AAA projects such as Metro Exodus, Call of Duty: WWII and Overkill’s The Walking Dead.

In this course Paula will teach you, during more than 5 hours, how to create a realistic prop 3D modeling with final production quality for videogames, using different modeling and texturing software. In addition, you will learn the basics needed to be able to make any other professional asset, as well as the workflows that are used today in the industry.

Before starting to model, Paula shows different websites to find good references.

Next in the modeling process you will explore techniques for more complex parts and see the importance of containment or support loops for a high poly model, along with booleans and joining parts realistically and quickly with ZBrush.

3D modelling course - Domestika

You will learn about the smoothing groups and how to apply them. You will move on to UVs; you will see how to prepare your asset to be textured, create quality bakes to pass the detail from high to low modeling without errors.

You will learn the basics of Substance Painter for texturing, see the base materials and understand the importance of PBR. You will explore the use of masks and take the final steps to finalize the texture. You will learn the tricks to make an asset tell a story visually.

Sometimes it is a little complicated to follow the explanations due to the use of some very technical terminology, but this should be an incentive to learn more content, althought on your own, through other sources of documentation such as web videos, etc…

Rate: 7.5/10

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3D modeling – miniature CGI scenarios

Javier León works regularly making 3D infographics for film and advertising for clients such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, Netflix, Nickelodeon or Blizzard as creative director at Leonstudio.

In this course, of almost 4 hours, you will learn how to create miniature CGI scenarios for film and advertising. Javier will give you the guidelines so you can model, texture and render your scenes with any 3D design software.

3D modelling courses

You will begin by discovering the importance of observing objects and environments in real life in order to replicate them in the world of animation, and you will also study the sets of other films.

You will learn the modeling process (3dmax), UV mapping (texturing in the traditional way and with Substance Painter) and lighting of your set (HDRI maps). Finally, you will render your set and make the necessary color corrections.

Rate: 8.0/10

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Architecture with 3Dmax

With this 3D modeling course you will learn from Phrame, in almost 5 hours, how to use the 3D Studio Max program, some of its most interesting plugins, composition tricks, framing and how to integrate the project with Photoshop.

You will learn the keys to 3D modeling when building the basic structure of a construction (walls, pavement, ceilings, partitions) and its texturing. Once the house is designed, you will create the closest environment to the house and a particular atmosphere.

3D modelling architecture

This 3D modeling course is more focused on architecture and presentation of enviroments. It is a good way to get into the world of architectural visualization. If you want to deep and specialize professionally in this field I recommend you to visit Schooling whose founder is the great Adan Martin that you can follow on his Youtube channel where you can also find very interesting content on the creation of textures, use of Unreal for architecture, etc…

Rate: 7.5/10

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