AI tools for 3D artists

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It has only been a few months since AI has started to show what it is capable of and almost every week we have very interesting news in creative areas such as graphic design, image generation or SEO.

Although it seemed almost unthinkable, we are already at a level of development that in a short time we could see AI tools creating 3D environments just by describing in text what we want. Today I want to bring you some AI tools, that although for now do not allow us to model 3D meshes from prompts, they do help us to create different assets to speed up 3D projects, especially in video games field.

AI 3D Tools

AI tools for 3D artists


Genie (Luma AI’s new tool) is one of the first to use artificial intelligence to generate 3D models from a prompt.

At thi moment, the 3d models that it generates are not perfect. The mesh has several imperfections that we can improve it with modeling software. Even so, the fact that it is capable of creating 3D meshes from text makes it a tool to be taken into account.

Remember the beginnings of Dalle, for example, the images it created had many inconsistencies, but over time they have been polishing their algorithm to create more convincing and above all useful images. This artificial intelligence tool for 3D modeling will improve over time, to achieve meshes with a more detailed and fluid topology.

Take advantage of it and try it out, for the moment it is free to use. ;).

Go to Genie

Stable ProjectoRZ

A free tool to generate textures using Automatic1111 and StableDiffusion. It allows us to preserve UVs, mix layers by brush, create backgrounds or paint on 3d models. Here you can see a video showing its possibilities.

It is incredible to think that such a tool has been developed by a single person: Igor Aherne. If you want to see more examples of use of this tool go to his Youtube channel.

Go to Stable projector RZ


With Poly - AI 3D Tools

For many years there have been websites that make it easy to find textures for graphic projects, especially those that make use of 3D models. In this blog you can find an article about the best texture banks, but times have changed and nowadays there are artificial intelligence tools for 3D artists that help us to generate textures from prompts.

With Poly is free, but we will be able to access features such as 8K textures, with 32bit depth or the necessary license to make commercial use of the textures if we buy the paid subscription.

With a simple prompt we can generate up to 5 texture maps (Albedo – Ambient Occlusion – Heigh map – Normal map – Roughness) for free up to 2K, save them in your custom library and download them for use in projects. Withpoly is a tool with many possibilities which it can save us a lot of time.

Go to WithPoly


Scenario Scenario - AI 3D tool

Se trata de una aplicación que permite generar recursos en forma de ilustraciones para tus videojuegos mediante inteligencia artificial. Es necesario registrarse para poder usarlo, y tiene tanto versión web como aplicaciones móviles para Android e iOS.

With this tool you can generate resources as illustrations for your video games through artificial intelligence. Registration is required to use it, and it is available at web version and mobile applications for Android and iOS.

It is a good way to generate illustrations of very different styles that we can use in all kinds of 2D or 3D videogames with isometric perspective.

Go to Scenario



TextureLab is part of Scenario’s ecnviroment of applications, from which we can create texture from a prompt, like Withpoly, but with certain limitations. We have 100 credits to consume for free before going to the payment option (1 prompt -> 1 credit). When creating our texture we can download up to 3 texture maps (Diffuse – Normal – Height). In addition we will have access to a large library of already created textures that do not involve cost of credits.

Go to TextureLab

GET 3D – Nvidia

GET3D is an artificial intelligence system that generates 3D objects with textures, starting from a dataset based on 2D images. The models obtained from GET3D can be used in the main 3D applications or graphics engines such as Unreal or Unity.

The best thing is that nowadays GET3D is OpenSource, so it is available to develop tools using this technology.

Go to GET 3D

Omniverse of Nvidia


NVIDIA Omniverse enables 3D artists and teams to improve their workflows with smoother connections and AI-enhanced capabilities.

In the video below you can see the possibilities offered by Omniverse in areas such as automotive, architecture or video games. I also leave you the link to their Youtube channel with more than 500 videos to learn more about this tool that makes use of artificial intelligence for the creation of resources and applications of the metaverse, which has very high expectations.

Go to Omniverse


Continuing with more artificial intelligence tools for 3D artists from Nvidia we have Neuralangelo, a 3D reconstruction AI model which recreates models and even entire scenes from 2D videos.

The models which generates can reach a high level of detail and generate complex material textures ready to be used in video games, design applications or robotics. In the next video you can see the ability to generate 3D models of this new artificial intelligence tool.

Go to Neuralangelo


This tool allow generate 3D scenes from prompts. Following the methodology of image creation tools such as Stable Diffusion or Midjourney, Opus can create worlds and enviroments in real time: resources and characters, scenes and visual effects, as well as controlling the camera, terrain, houses and buildings, roads, humanoid characters and even animations.

It sounds like magic, but if they manage to live up to expectations, we will have an artificial intelligence tool with a great power for the entire creative sector.

Go to Opus



3Dfy is a promising artificial intelligence tool that claims to be able to get 3D models from a prompt. I say promising because it is currently in beta and we can only access it by registering to a waiting list.

Among all the services they will offer is the ability to generate 3D models from a prompt, an API for integration into other applications and a service that promises to get a 3D model from a 2D image. We will see how it all turns out in the end.

Go to 3dfy

In short – 3D artificial intelligence tools

As we can see there are already AI tools for 3D artists and others to come that promise to revolutionize the workflow in many areas and to a large extent will help shape the great proposal that is the metaverse.

As more artificial intelligence tools are released to improve the workflow of 3D artists we will update this article. If you know any others tool feel free to leave them in the comments ;).

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