Cron jobs for ecommerce

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What is a cron job?

A cron job is a automated task which is repeated over time. A task that runs on the server side and performs a process, without a human person to do it. With a few lines of code we establish which task/file will be performed and how often.

When we hire a hosting, one of the tools offered in the control panel (usually in the advanced tools section) is precisely this: configure cron jobs, but we will need advanced knowledge of Unix commands to be able to use it.

Cron job

Why is cron jobs so important for ecommerce?

Cron jobs for an ecommerce are essential to streamline many actions that otherwise would take up a lot of time. For example, we must create a cron job to synchronize with an external market place, such as Google Merchant, when it ask us to update almost daily the information about our products (price, images, name, description…), in order to create a sitemap feed, to schedule the sending of newsletters, etc…

Prestashop is currently the best positioned CMS for creating an ecommerce. One of its strengths is the large number of Addons available that greatly facilitate the task of managing our store.

Following with the cron jobs subject… Prestashop comes with a component that will help us to manage these tasks without the need to enter any Unix code, necessary if we were to perform the same task from the control panel of our hosting.

So now you know it, if you are thinking of setting up an online store keep in mind to use cron jobs to speed up the processing of data and functions. Otherwise you will be wasting valuable time.

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