Download free 3D models from these 5 websites

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3D models are increasingly used in areas of design. With the latest technologies and a better hardware components we have more accessible to work with this type of files and run them without problems in our computer.

In this article I want to share some interesting sites to download free 3D models that we can then export to the software we work with, whether Photoshop, 3Dmax, Maya, etc…

Websites for downloading free 3D models

3d Export

3D Export

3DExport is a store/community where you can buy and sell 3D modeling, print textures and 3D modeling, and add-ons for use in CG projects. The project was launched in February 2004, and is currently one of the world’s largest providers of quality 3D content.

It has a large catalog of models, only in its free models section there are more than 5,000 models organized by theme.

CG Trader

CG Trader

CG Trader for me is the first choice when I need to look for quality 3D models, they offer a very large catalog (almost 1 million 3D models), both free and paid, plus textures, script, models prepared for virtual reality and even printing. In addition its navigation and options to filter the search is extensive and intuitive.

They also offer the possibility to upload your models and sell them through their platform.



Turbosquid is also one of the references when looking for quality 3D models, companies such as Activision, Sony, Amazon or Epic Games are proof of this by requiring their products for the development of video games, commercials, etc…

Turbosquid también es una buena opción para artistas 3D que quieran vender sus modelos en esta plataforma, con el plus que está asociado con partners como Adobe Stock, Pond5, Unity Asset Store o Envato entre otros.

Turbosquid is also a good option for 3D artists who want to sell their models on this platform, with the added bonus that it is associated with partners such as Adobe Stock, Pond5, Unity Asset Store or Envato among others.

Free 3D

Free 3D

Free 3D is one of the websites developed by Turbosquid that offers free and low priced 3D models, cataloged by theme, by format and by features such as: animated, lowpoly or printable. Its interface is very similar to CG Trader.

Archive 3D

Archive 3D

Here we find a great selection in terms of variety, organized by theme, although the quality of the models is quite simple, but it can come in handy for certain projects.

Web browsing is not as practical as it could be, as there is no filter to optimize searches by format or other characteristics, which is essential for this type of service. To learn more about the model, it is necessary to access its data sheet, which makes it necessary to open and close windows continuously.

As with all free services, read the license under which they work, in many cases it will be necessary to add an attribution link to the author or contact the author in order to make commercial use.

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