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Tableta gráfica
Tableta gráfica de Wacom

Graphics tablets. A story with a lot of doubts but with a happy ending

A lot of people are used to use computers daily and the don’t know that this device exists: Graphics tablets, They are very useful, not only for professionals who work illustrating images or graphic design. The graphics tablets are a choice and even an advance on the conventional mouse due to its preciseness and because it can help to reduce our pressure, by increasing the work speed, making it easier and more fun.

I was thinking for a long time if I could take advantage of a graphic tablet or if I was only seeing a new toy which later I would end up leaving stored away in my room .

Factors to consider when purchasing a graphics card

My thoughts went in another direction thanks to the hundred comments about graphic tablets which I read on the internet, and my mind was made up. What graphic tablet was better for me?.

I was clear about the brand, Wacom are the best option for their quality, but I’m not an illustrator, actually I work more retouching photography, matte painting, and so…, occasionally I do some work about illustration or drawing in order to experiment new technics, so I should dispense with some features which only increase the final price about the graphic tablet and don´t care it on the daily work. Neither I wanted bought the lower spectrum beacuse the size was tiny in order to work fine.

The price change much, it depend on a lot of factors, like the pressure pencil, its size or features about optic pencil. I was thinking about it size, I saw tiny a A6 size in order to draw shapes with precision, but the different with a A5 size was 100€. So I decided to buy a Wacom Bamboo Fun, which I can say that I´m happy about that.

It Cost me 200€ (price in 2010 year). Now I can outline, deleting, drawing, any action with photoshop is even more funny than before and to being Wacom brand I have the guarantee that her useful life will be long.

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