Psychology in graphic design

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Psychology, graphic design and advertising always go hand in hand. For advertising to achieve the desired effect it is essential to know how our mind works in certain situations and thus convey the message in the most effective way possible.

On the other hand, graphic design is widely used in advertising as a way to achieve these objectives. Therefore, when we design a brochure, poster, website, or any other advertising support, psychology must be very present in every decision we make in order to provoke the right feeling in our target audience.

Psychology and graphic design

It is notabout create a nice graphic piece, when we are in an advertising graphic design project we have to consider the message we want to convey and from these point make the idea up in a graphic way, and the psychology will give us the necessary guidelines to achieve it.

Graphic designers are first and foremost provocateurs of sensations through strategies that generate public interest due to their originality and their acute perception of the psychological and social emotions of individuals.

Psychology and graphic design – case studies

A circular shape does not convey the same as a rectangular one, the perception of each is different:

  • If the predominant shape in your design is the circle, you will transmit protection, innovation and perfection to those who see it.…
  • If the square predominates, it is a sign of strength, order and stability; but if the rectangle predominates, it denotes resistance.
  • If the triangle is not rotated, it denotes vitality; the hexagon conveys intelligence, but the pentagon conveys harmony.

Color conveys different emotions depending on the mix of colors and the context in which they interact. I advise you to get the book Psicología del color where each color is explained in depth, explaining its meaning, its history and its symbolism in different cultures.

This book is a very useful work tool when you find yourself stuck on a project when it comes to choosing the color combination that fits best.

The layout of the graphic elements must be coherent and follow an order so as not to confuse the user and guide him to read the information in the order we want…

In addition, semiotics plays a very important role in this process. By using it correctly, we will be able to reach our audience more directly and effectively.

These and other knowledge related to the field of psychology are the basis for designing a successful graphic piece, which achieves the objective previously defined in the marketing strategy.

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