Creating brand value through SEO content strategies

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What is brand value?

The value of a brand is defined as the user’s perception and expectations towards it. From this approach it is always a good option to go beyond and exceed those expectations to achieve a positive impact on users. We can achieve this through many strategies and channels that are within our reach. For example, SEO strategy.

SEO strategy – case of study

cblingua - seo strategy

For 9 months I worked with the national translation company CBLingua, improving the positioning of their website in search engines and social networks with the aim of increasing traffic and at the same time the requests translation services via web.

We started working at the end of 2011, at a time when young people were emigrating to other countries in search of a future due to the economic crisis that began a few years ago. In addition, national companies began to bet on exporting their products to other countries.

So we found ourselves with 2 types of potential customers clearly defined and on which we had to place special emphasis in the content strategy to attract them to the web with SEO campaign. In order to achieve their goals, both customers needed translation services for their documents.

Brand value - SEO strategy

We started working on the SEO campaign in all its facets (content creation, SEM campaigns, Onpage optimization, Linkbuilding, etc…) but I also proposed a more ambitious idea than the initial one, with a more long-term vision that would generate benefits, not only economic, it would generate a brand value beyond the translation.

Analyzing the environment

With the situation we were facing, on the one hand we saw that young people hardly had enough information when it came to working or continuing their studies abroad (validation of academic degrees, official documents required…). Many came to the office asking where to present certain documents, what steps they had to follow, etc…

On the other hand, companies had an excellent opportunity to launch their products to other markets, but there were many doubts related to customs documentation, legal issues depending on the product or service…

Translation services are a necessary requirement in both processes to ensure success. In this situation, how could we help these people to achieve their goals, beyond the translation of their documents? The answer was clear, by providing them with as much information as possible and advising them in following bureaucratic processes. Let’s take an example:

When a married couple begins the adoption process, there are many documents that must be collected and presented, in addition to the translation of certain documents, this is where people can feel a little overwhelmed by the lack of information and not knowing where to go.

Creating brand value from the web

For this reason we started writing articles in the blog in order to help this kind of people, who need to go through a bureaucratic process with many doubts so that they could be solved.

We left translation services in the background and put ourselves more on the client’s side. In this way we began to offer a much more complete service and the client was more satisfied, exceeding their expectations and increasing the value of the brand. Clients would not see us simply as a translation company, but as people who advise them throughout the bureaucratic process.

In addition to this strategy, we also developed a platform focused on students and professional translators where we published job offers, interesting resources for translation services, etc… making it a reference for the sector at a national level, following the priority objective of creating brand value beyond the translation services.

As a result, in 9 months we managed to increase customer inquiries through the different websites of the company. The feedback was very positive and the number of grateful comments for the service increased notably. Of course all this was along with an economic benefit.

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