Structured data for search engines

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What structured data is?

Structured data helps us to create a kind of dictionary on our website in such a way to make life it easily readable and understandable by both humans and search engines in order to tidy the content.

For example, in a detail product page from an ecommerce, we must state the product description, another part of the content is the product name, another the product price, etc … this kind of information is established in the dictionary.

Datos estructurados - SEO
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How does the use of structured data benefit us?

Apply this on our website will help us to rank better in search engines. The use of structured data helps us to improve visibility in the results against the competition and helps Google to index our content in a better way.

stuctured data Google

In the image above you can see the difference between a result that uses structured data and others that do not. As you can see, the result is much more visible, so we will be much more likely that users click in our website.

How do we apply structured data on the web?

In order to apply this structured data in your website you have to access your html code and tag the information according to

Embedded tags of code (a.k.a. “markup”) throughout the HTML of a webpage tell Google and other search engines what information to display in the SERPs and what this information represents. It also helps social media platforms synthesize your social media posts into snippets that preview the content using Open Graph Protocol.

For more information you can access their own website or search it on Google or Youtube videos, you will find a lot of information about this topic.

If you are not sure if your website has the structured data implemented in the code, access this Google tool to check it and display the results:

stuctured data - testing tool

If you use a WordPress or other CMS template, about two years old, it probably has support for structured data.

I hope this information has been useful to improve a little more the SEO on your website 😉

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