The custom computer for graphic design

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When we work in graphic design fields we usually look for a powerful computer which we can that will work efficiently for years without having to worry about its performance. For this we must to have knowledge about hardware which allow us to choose the computer for graphic design match our requirements.

In many cases the ideal option is to set up your own hardware by choosing component by component, although we can also find equipment with more than acceptable performance for the work we are going to do.

In this article I want to talk about the components that we must take into account when we are going to buy a computer to work from video editing, 3D modeling or photo retouching and the best options we can find in the market.

PC graphic design

Components of a graphic design computer

Microprocessor (CPU)

At first it is normal that Intel comes to mind as the predominant brand in microprocessors, but you would be surprised at the performance offered by AMD microprocessors, more power for less money.

AMD offers microprocessors with more and faster cores at the same price than Intel. This means that we can have more applications open at the same time, distributing the workload among the cores. For example, we can render a video in After Effects while working on a design in Photoshop or 3D modeling.

CPU - AMD Ryzen

Intel Xeon and Threadripper are AMD’s high-end microprocessors for professional studios, the performance they offer is amaizing, but their cost increases considerably, since we will also need a special motherboard for this type of processors. Even so, it is not necessary to go to the highest range to get optimal performance, we can go to the Ryzen models that still work fine.

Graphic card (GPU)

Here it is clear that Nvidia beats its competitors by far, in fact, it is not advisable to use AMD graphics cards due to compatibility problems of their drivers with 3D software. As for the ranges available within the Nvidia we have the RTX (2060 – 2080Ti) and GTX that will ensure a good performance.

Nvidia GTX Graphic card

Quadro Nvidia range

Quadro graphics cards are the top of the range offered by Nvidia, its price is exorbitant compared to the results we get with the lower range (RTX). For professional work it is not necessary to invest in this type of graphics cards, since with the RTX we get a fairly optimal performance.

RAM Memory

Considering the types of files being used in the industry, with increasing resolutions, it is advisable to have a computer with a minimum of 32GB of RAM up to an ideal of 128GB. Beyond 128GB would be unnecessary.

It is important to take into account that if we acquire a computer with an AMD Rayzen CPU we will need a certain RAM memory which has a minimum speed of 2,666Mhz.

Hard disk drive (SSD – HDD)

And finally, hard disk drives, I advise you buy SSD for the installation of the operating system and all the software you need to work (512GB is enough) then add the classic HDD to store data (Here if we should pull high, about 4TB we have enough).

Conociendo estos componentes y los modelos que hemos ido describiendo através del artículo, estarás en disposición de comprar un equipo y que este no se te quede pequeño a los pocos meses. Espero que os haya servido de ayuda ;).

Knowing these components and the models that we have been describing through the article, you will be able to buy a computer which allow us work in any graphic design field. I hope it has helped you.

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