Equipment officeEquipment office

The Copitecnic's website offers his online shop about equipment office products to bussiness around all Spain España. The web design started using corporative colors from logo to interesting areas, choising with details the information to show at clients, and specially the way to show them, for the rest we pick plain colors which transmit quiet and trust, very important for this kind of website.

The development was done with the content management Joomla and his popular component for online sales Virtuemart. In addition we customize a lot of things in order to improve the client browsing through the website, like add points with each order done which you can exchange for presents, or the posibbility to see the pructs in two ways, rows or columns.


Software used:

Photoshop Notepad++ PHP development


  • Theme design customized
  • It done in Joomla and Virtuemart
  • You can send newsletter with Acymailing
  • Add points system