3D assets amulet
Amulet inspired in Trollhunter series by Dreamworks.
3D assets wireframe amulet
Amulet 3D mesh.
3D assets casket
Magic necklace.
3D assets Magic necklace wireframe
Magic necklace 3D mesh.
3D assets cofre
3D model about casket and stones.
3D assets caskete wireframe
3D mesh casket.
3D assets sword
Sword inspired in trollhunter serie.
Sword mesh
Sword mesh.
3D assets
Fantasy hammer.
3D assets hammer wireframe
Hammer mesh.


3D models with a medieval look, They were inspired in trollhunters serie by Dreamworks. When they were rendered I did several postproductions tweaks using rendered passes like shadows, reflections and ambient occlussion.