Burguer house

Burguer logo
Main image for burguer restaurant.
Positive logo version
Positive logo version.
Negative logo version
VNegative logo version.
Grayscale logo version
Grayscale logo version.


Burguer house is an interesting fusion between the classic American hamburgers joined to the authenticity of the best Iberian meat.

Color palette
Color palette choosen. 2 tones with a high contrast between them.
I used tow typographies with a little difference between them.
Print sizes
Print sizes.
Burguer box
Packaging paperboard box for burguers.


Following the American style, but without altering the quality of the product (what you see is what you eat, without deception) a series of advertising material and posters are created to announce offers and promotions in online and offline media.

Indoor poster
Indoor poster.
Indoor poster
Indoor poster.
Card design discount
Back design about discount..
Card design discount
Design fronta aboy disccount card.
Discount coupon
Discount coupon printed in two sides



Development of a corporate image about burguer restaurant, blending traditional american burguers and rurals aproaches, this last point is most important than the other. With these two approaches I started a research and selected the visual features from these two look and feel. In one hand the closeness and powerfull that american burguer from 80-90's convey, and in the other hand the trusty and quality that rural product offer in gastronomic area.

From I began the project I had clear the typography which I had to use. I typography with big thickness, without contrast amount strokes in order to follow the rustic style.For that reason I choose 2 typographies similar betweenthem but with a little difference, specially in the texture.

About the colors, I choose tow tones with a high contrast between them in order to convey strong. The colors chossen were a brown and yellow tones in reference to field and firewood.

When I aplied the image in different supports we used a eroded textures background and flames images about tradicional cooking (grilled, charcoal) very present in the dishes which they offer.