The farmers

Farm company, cattlemen
Main logo for The Farmers.
Logo positive version
Logo in positive version.
Logo negative version
Logo in negative version.


Cooperative of farmers dedicated to agriculture, livestock and poultry, offering a product where quality prevails, targeting a middle-aged public with a medium-high purchasing power, who is willing to pay a little more for a product that deserves it.

The main typography used were done spokeman, using lettering techniques, resembling shapes strokes like a sickle, tool used years ago for farm works. For tagline I used a strong and old typography without serif: Merriweather.
Chromatic palettea
The colors choosen are about the ground and the sun, with dark tones in order to convey fancy and professionalism.
Logo adapted in several sizes
Logo adapted in several sizes.
Label for meat products
Label for meat products.
Mockup meat products
Mockup meat products.


For the elaboration of the packaging 3 patterns were designed, one for each area (agriculture, livestock and poultry).

Eggs product packaging
Label for eggs box of 12 units.
Label design for eggs packaging
Label for egg product.
Advertising piece
Advertising piece.
Advertising billboard
Advertising billboard.


Corporate image for farmers group about farm, meat and eggs products, with a own brand called "The farmers". Quality products to audience with a medium-high salary who willing to pay its quality. For that reason was developed a elegance and professional image conveyed in its colors, and closeness and familiarity in the shapes.