Flyer: Promotional summer camp

promotional flyer
promotional flyer


I designed this promotional flyer to symmer camp: Campano in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cadiz).

I showed two differents design options. On the one hand the design was addressed to general audience, all ages, I wanted to stand out a real girl image who are enjoying on top of grass and a ball beach (basic elements in any camp). In the background I added two images about facilities and activities from camp, in addition of a list with its features. i played with blue color, as main color on the flyer design, so its a color used on the logo and its relation with the water in this season of the year and the camp activities.

The second sample for flyer design was addressed a children's audience, so I chose a orange color like base, transmitting joy and fun, with blue tones, teh same look and feel that the logo. The layaout and design structure was the same that the firts sample but instead of work with real images I chose to use illustrations in order to attract the audience attention which it is addressed.