Burguer Brighton – Restaurant

Burguer Brighton - Logotype


Brighton burger is a fast food chain with very strong roots in the American 70’s. Nostalgia and a familiar and fun encounter is what everyone who enjoys its facilities will find.

Burguer Brighton - Color palette
Chromatic palette used in the visual image of the brand.
Burguer Brighton - Typography
We used 2 typographies to achieve contrast between the shapes, but keeping a casual and familiar style.
Logotipo - Print sizes
On this occasion, the brand uses 2 different versions depending on the size to be printed without compromising legibility.
Print cards
Menu cover
Menu cover
Menu inside
Menu inside
Menu burguer - cover
Cover menu


For the design and printing menu we followed a retro and eighties line, with bright colors. We used an easy to handle printing support, far from refinements, which makes it close and familiar.

Web burguer
Mockup web burguer
Web adapted for desktop viewing.
App burguer
Web adapted for viewing on mobile devices.

Web and app design

In addition to informing users about products and promotions, the web design includes the option to place home orders.

Cartel MUPI interior
Adaptation of advertising sign in interior MUPI.

Advertising media

In the outdoor advertising campaign, products are promoted at low prices, with attractive images for the eye and the stomach as a lure.

Burguer Cartel
Adaptation of advertising sign in MUPI exterior.

Personal branding project, which creates the image of a new burger that offers a family atmosphere inspired by the American 70s. Nostalgia together with a familiar and fun encounter is what everyone who enjoys its facilities will find.