Mi Tablao – Dance board

Mi Tablao - Logotype
Main logotype
Mi Tablao - logo chromatic versions
Logo on corporate color, in positive and negative version.


Mi Tablao is a new product focused on flamenco dancing. A wooden plank, foldable and transportable, focused on a public of high purchasing power that makes flamenco dancing their passion and profession.

Mi Tablao - Print sizes
Logo versions depending on print and display size.
Mi Tablao - Color palette
Chromatic palette chosen for the image of “MiTablao” in relation to the manufacturing material, achieving an elegant and strong contrast between them.
Mi Tablao - Typography
Edited typography for the construction of the logo.
Mi Tablao - Grid logo
Proportions and construction of the logo based on a very simple grid.
Mi Tablao - Safety area
Demarcated safety area when the logo coexists with other graphic elements.
Brochure design printed on both sides to promote MiTablao.
Leaflet to promote MiTablao in stores.

Phography material

For the production of advertising material I was able to use a large selection of photographs taken by a professional that we used for the design of flyers and for the web.

Mi Tablao - Web
MiTablao – Web design.

Logo applications

One of the applications that the image was going to have was engraving on wood, so we worked on minimalism and simplicity so that we would have no problems in this regard.

Logotype wood
Application of burned logo on wood.

Development of corporate image for a new product in the world of flamenco “Mi Tablao” consisting of a folding and transportable wooden plank, to be used anywhere for both professionals and flamenco lovers to rehearse or warm up in the dressing room.

The main idea on which we worked was to highlight the folding feature of the product, reflected in the typography and the base line on which it sits. We also wanted to transmit a robust image, that the quality of the materials is perceived together with a combination of elegant colors, related to the product offered.