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Traduspanish is a company which offer all kind of linguistic services at national and international level, from translation of documents, languages interpretation or correction and proofreading of english, german, italian or portuguese text. A year later, with the website finished, the results weren´t good, a little visits and conversion, so it needed invest on marketing services on internet, specially search engine optimization, and on this way get best results in organic SEO. In order to get we started to technical optimization website, reducing load times and cleaning html, javascript and css code, we followed with the text optimization about the keywords list which we selected before, and we created new interest content as for users as search engines.

In addition we did jobs about design and layout in order to show a better image and more professional. The website was developed with Joomla! CMS, so on this way is easier manage differents languages and send newsletter.

Nowadays we are still working in order to improve the position on searcher, We get a increase about 400% on visits from we started to work on the website.


Tools used:

Photoshop Notepad++ Programación PHP


  • Search engine optimization.
  • Done in Joomla!
  • It was translated in three differents languages.