Energetic industry
Main graphic mark. The horizontal version will be used whenever possible and the support allows it.
Get energy
Logo in positive color version.
Get energy
Logo in a negative color version.


The concept on which his visual image was developed was the transformation of energy, "Energy does not run out, it transforms", an endless cycle, which we must and can take advantage of thanks to technological advances, always respecting to our planet.

Get energy
The logo can be used in a horizontal or vertical version, with the horizontal being preferred. At reduced sizes for printing and display on screens, different versions will be used in which the brand name is dispensed with and an increase in the thickness of its line.
Get energy
For the construction of the anagram, 120º guides were used between them, obtaining an isometric perspective.
The typography used conveys the values ​​of innovation and closeness and respect for nature. For these reasons, we chose a typeface with geometric and circular lines, of a reasonable weight.


An iconography of the services offered by Get energy is created, such as wind, solar, hydraulic energy and the most common elements such as email, telephone, etc ... following the graphic line of the anagram.

Get energy iconography
Iconography created for the different services offered that reinforces the visual system of the brand in the different advertising campaigns.
Get energy color palette
We use the 3 main colors of nature (water, solo, earth) for the anagram on a dark background to achieve a strong contrast and to highlight the liveliness and "energy" of these colors.


The name Get energy is born from the philosophy of the service offered "to achieve and transform energy in a cycle without limits" to make it accessible to all people and revolutionize its way of consumption.

Get energy visit cards
Business cards for employees and company representatives.
Get energy supplies
Paper sheet, envelopes and cards as part of the company's stationery.
Get energy folder
Corporate folder design for the presentation of projects and relevant documentation.
Advertising poster
Advertising piece for mupi, magazine page, flyer, etc...
Advertising poster
Advertising piece for mupi, magazine page, flyer, etc...
Advertising poster
Advertising piece for mupi, magazine page, flyer, etc...
Bus shelter
Advertising poster mockup applied on bus shelter.
Airport MUPI
Advertising poster mockup applied on mupi.


Development of visual image for Get energy, which was born as a revolutionary company in the energy industry. Using technology resources, innovation and respecting the planet, Get energy transforms the way of consuming energy, making it more accessible to users.