Watford F.C.

Development about corporate image Watford F.C.
Main logo.


The shape of the current emblem is maintained, which is quite characteristic and identifying with respect to other football teams. To represent "The Hornets" we based on the idea used in 1972, but synthesizing it to the maximum, deleting superfluous details.

Negative logo version
Negative logo version.
Positive logo version
Positive logo version.
Gray scale logo version
Gray scale logo version.
I used a customize typography, which has a bold stroke and pointed serif like the hornets sting.


We created a special typeface for the occasion, adding special serif, in reference to 'the hornets' stingers so characteristic and that at the same time contributes that identity we seek, giving it its own character and strength.

Color palette for football team
Color palette for football team.
Logo adapted in several sizes
Logo adapted in several sizes
Sport T-shirt Mockup
Sport T-shirt Mockup.
Sport T-shirt Mockup
Sport T-shirt Mockup.
Scarf Mockup
Scarf Mockup like merchandaising product.
Team football flags Mockup
Screen TV showing the match between 2 teams.
New image adapted to sport equipment
New image adapted to sport equipment.
Football team cap mockup
Football team cap mockup.


Watford FC is a football club which plays in Premier League and is known like "The hornets". The club wants change his image before 2020/21 season.

From years the fans have called "The hornets" at the team, but the oficial badge is a red hart, which not identify the club and fans neither.

This image was inspired by several concepts and ideas used from 1972 for tha club image. I keep the same current badge shape, which is very indetificative about other football teams. In order to convey "The hornets" I used the 1972 badge, but with some tweaks and delete little details- The hornet body is a old ball placed in the center of emblem, conveying in a side the passion for this sport and the other hand one of the oldest team of England league. From ball born the wings in a opened shape to convey unity and friendly between team and fans.

I created a speciall typography, with a bold stroke and body and pointed serif in reference to sting hornets.