UI design for mobile apps in iOS and Android system

Camera Translator (iOS - Android)

Screen captures for mobile app
Screen captures design for Camera Translator app used them as ASO resource.
App Wireframe Premium Panel
Panel premium wireframe with slider.
App Panel Premium Slider
Panel premium design with slider.

Translate Voice (Android)

Icons design for app
Icons design for app.
Panel premium design
Premium panel design with slider for Translate Voice app.
Screen capture
Screen capture design for Translate Voice app used them as resource in strategy ASO.
UI Design - Voice recognition
UI design for voice recognition panel.
Icons - UI Design
UI Design - Icons buttons for footer bar.
Wireframe - rate translation section
Wireframe design about rate translation section.
UI Design - Rate translation
UI Design about rate translation screen.

PDF Editor (Android)

Premium panel design
Premium panel design in order to unlock limit, monthly and yearly.

PDF Converter (iOS)

Panel design unlock limit
Panel design unlock limit.
Panel premium design
Premium panel design for monthly and yearly plans.
Screen capture design
Screen captures design in order to use them for ASO strategy.

Photoconverter (Android)

Images ASO
Captures design in order to use them as ASO strategy resource, showing the main features about app.
Premium panel design
Premium panel design showing monthly and yearly plan.

Scanfy (Android)

Premium panel design with slider
Premium panel design with slider.
Screen captures design
Screen captures design as ASO strategy resource


UI design for mobile applications focused mainly on translation and office tasks for 6 months, as a collaboration for the company Talkao S.L.

Along with the design team, different icons and interfaces (buttons, premium panels, cards, animations, 9-patch, ect ...) were created for the different mobile applications of the company, doing the work remotely with applications like Skype or Slack.