AIDIPE – 2015

AIDIPE 2015 - Logotype
Main logo for the AIDIPE 2015 international education congress.
AIDIPE 2015 - Logotype corporative color
AIDIPE 2015 - Logotype negative color
AIDIPE 2015 - Logotype positive
AIDIPE 2015 - Logotype gray scale


AIDIPE is an educational research congress held at international level in Cadiz during 2015. Its slogan “Research with and for society” is the basis on which the concept is built. The union of all the branches that form the society with a single purpose.

AIDIPE 2015 - Logo in different versions.
Logo in different versions.
AIDIPE 2015 - Typography and color palette
Corporate colors and typography used for the construction of the corporate image.
Banner design to be used later on the congress website.

Image adaptation

The image was adapted in different media, from merchandising such as suitcases, pens, stationery, through the web or large format media such as canvases.

Rollup design.
Modules design
Print banner
Large format banner for the entrance of the congress.
Print banner
Large format banner for the entrance of the congress.
Design for the cover of the booklet that was handed out to the attendees.
Material merchandising
Image application on t-shirt in silk-screen printing.

Proposal presented and finally winner, for the graphic identity contest, on the occasion of the educational research congress AIDIPE 2015.

The logo design was based on the slogan “Research with and for society”. The strokes represent individuals connected to each other to research and create a better society (the union of the strokes form a house, as a symbol of society). The strokes used in the graphic identity have been represented in different shades of the corporate color, previously indicated in the briefing, and different thicknesses as a sign of the diversity that exists in today’s society.