Casa flamenca – flamenco shows

Casa flamenca - logotype
Main logo for Casa Flamenca in positive and negative version.


It was necessary to be very clear in the visual message for Casa Flamenca, avoiding local symbologies since the target audience is foreign, so I chose the most representative of flamenco, a guitar, with a very marked style, showing the strength and feeling of this art.

Casa flamenca - Logotype concept
Concept on which the logo for Casa flamenca’s visual identity was built.
Casa flamenca - Typography
Advent Pro presents an angle in the termination of its glyphs very similar to those used in the logo symbol. In addition to its good legibility and having the necessary characters for the Spanish-speaking world make it ideal for the project, both in its main image and in headers. On the other hand, we used the Source Serif Pro family for body text.
Casa flamenca - Color palette
Color palette chosen for the project.

Color palette

A palette of colors was chosen to represent the sentimental factor and the Hispanic culture linked to the art of flamenco.

Casa flamenca - Logotype sizes
Horizontal and vertical version of the logo as well as its icon version. The minimum print size is 2.5 cm, and above this size, the icon version must be used to maintain legibility.
Casa flamenca - Poster event
Casa flamenca - mockup event poster
Bus MUPI poster mockup.
Casa flamenca - brochure
Brochure design
Casa Flamenca – Cards
Casa flamenca - T-shirt
Adaptation of logo on T-shirt.

Proposal submitted for the new visual identity of “Casa Flamenca”, an event organization whose mission is to teach and preserve the art of flamenco, located in Albuquerque (New Mexico). In the initial proposals I wanted to follow a very expressive line in the typography, to convey the passion and feeling of flamenco, but I had to take a step back, since the target audience is English-speaking and the priority was to communicate in a very clear and fast way the activity and the shows that are performed.

For this reason we chose to use very identifiable forms, without using analogies that could confuse the user. We opted for a guitar with very marked strokes and angles that conveyed strength and strength.

As for the color, we chose tones linked to the passion and joy of flamenco and Hispanic history, with more weight given to the most emotional tone, red, as opposed to white and yellow.