Chuches – Your candy world

Chuches - Logotype
Main brand image.
Chuches - Color logotype
Logotype – color
Chuches - Logotype positive
Logotype – positive
Chuches - Logotype negative
Logotype – negative
Chuches - Logotype gray scale
Logotype – gray scale


Chuches is a chain of candy stores for users who consume this type of products almost daily and are passionate about them, whose age is between 8 and 35 years old.

Chuches - Typography
Typography used for the construction of the logo.
Chuches - Color palette
Chromatic palette defined for the brand, transmitting passion and sweetness for sweets.
Chuches - Logotype versions
Horizontal and vertical version of the logo.
Chuches - security area
Logo security area. It must not be invaded by any other graphic element.
Chuches - Print sizes
Depending on the size at which the logo will be visible, whether printed or on screen, we use a different version to maintain a correct visualization and legibility.
Packaging bag
Packaging – Candy bag
Packaging bag
Packaging – Bag
T-shirt mockup
T-shirt design
Chuches - poster
Poster – Advertising
Poster 3D
Poster – Advertising
Render 3D
Render 3D
Matte painting advertising
Large format poster for MUPI, recreating a candy world

Advertising material

Creation of large format advertising pieces using Matte painting techniques and photographic retouching.

Mockup billboard
Poster for billboard.
Large format poster for Mupi promoting the opening of a store.
Mockup MUPI
Large format poster applied on a Mupi at a bus stop.
Mockup MUPI
Large format poster applied on Mupi at bus stop

Image creation for a new candy brand “CHUCHES” transmitting a cheerful and sweet perception while achieving formality. The chosen typography and color palette emphasizes this perception: dynamic strokes, which incite movement and joy, with a combination of colors with high contrast between them.

For the creation of the advertising images we used 3D modeling techniques along with compositing and photo retouching techniques.