El mirador de la bahía – Brewery and burger

El mirador de la bahía - Logotype
El mirador de la bahía - Logotype versions
Monochrome and grayscale version of the logo.


El mirador de la bahía was born as a family meeting point, where you can enjoy fast food, such as hamburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, etc… located by the sea, just 10m away, in the middle of the bay of Cadiz.

Colors and shapes related to the sea are used with a casual style.

El mirador de la bahía - Color palette
Chromatic palette based on cheerful marine tones.
El mirador de la bahía - Typography
Quicksand typeface with wavy strokes and soft angles.


We use printed and cut vinyl for the manufacture of material applied in the signage of the premises.

Indoor coating
Application of a brand on a semicircle of printing vinyl.
Indoor coating
Gigantography for vinyl printing.

Corporate image development for a new brewery, located in a privileged place in the Bay of Cadiz, during my period in Publicentro del Sur. The goal was to create a casual and familiar image focused on families with a medium-low purchasing power.

The color palette chosen is linked to the sea with bright and cheerful shades of blue. As for the typography we chose a san serif with wavy strokes in different sizes and rotations to give the whole a cheerful and informal tone.