El vestidor de Eva – Clothing store

Vestidor de Eva - logotype
Logo in its main version and corporate colors.


Women’s clothing store aimed at customers of a medium-high economic level, which offers them the possibility of entering a dressing room and try on the clothes they want, offering a close treatment and personal image advice.

Vestidor de Eva - Logotype versions
Logo in grayscale and negative positive version for different applications that we can use.
Vestidor de Eva - Typography
Typographies used to compose the logo achieving a combination of elegance and closeness to customers.
Vestidor de Eva - Color palette
Combination of colors following the line marked in the brief, achieving a cozy and tasteful perception. The base color is lilac in 2 different tones, as it identifies the female public to whom the products for sale are addressed.
Vestidor de Eva - Logotype sizes
Logo print sizes and their different versions.
Vestidor de Eva - Cards

Print applications

The image is created with a 360º vision so that it can be easily adapted to a wide variety of media, such as bags, labels, shop windows, web, etc…

Vestidor de Eva - Fabric
Logo application on fabric.
Vestor de Eva - Labeled
Label for clothes
Mockup bag
Logo application on bag.
Vestidor de Eva - Poster
Advertising poster for use in different media, either on a facade or in a magazine.
Mockup poster
Application of sign on facade in vinyl printing on galvanized sheet metal to better withstand inclement weather.
Mockup glass
Acid-etched vinyl logo application on storefront, installed on the back for greater durability.

Personal branding project, developing the brand proposal for a new clothing store “El vestidor de Eva”. An elegant place where people will feel at home, trying on clothes.

Elegance and closeness are the signs of identity of this new brand, which is represented in its image. Elegance in its colors and typography, and closeness in its lines, wavy and soft, eliminating any sharp element.