Gades jurídico – Law firm

Gades jurídico - Logotype
Gades jurídico - Logotype corporative color
Second option on corporate color with a lighter tone. It will be used in those cases in which the brand is added on a dark background, to achieve more contrast and facilitate its visualization.
Gades jurídico - Negativa logotype
Logo in one ink on black background
Gades jurídico - Positive color
Logo in one ink on white background
Gades jurídico - Typography
Typographies used for the visual creation of the brand. The main one is a thick serif typeface and the secondary one is a script typeface.
Gades jurídico - Color palette
Color palette. 3 analogous shades of green for an elegant and robust harmony.
Logotipo -  Security area
Logo security area, so that it is not invaded by any other graphic element and to maintain its legibility.
Logotype print sizes
Permitted print sizes and their different versions without loss of legibility
Official customer notification sheet and documentation.
Rubber stamp
Rectangular rubber stamp
Advertisement for local magazine
Advertisement for local magazine