Reparaciones FIX – Maintenance services

Reparaciones FIX - logotype
Logo in its main version and corporate colors.
Reparaciones FIX - logotype versions
Logo in grayscale and negative positive version for different applications that we can use.


Fix Repairs is a home maintenance company with a professional team capable of solving all kinds of incidents that may occur in the home, focused both for individuals and insurers.

An ink logotype
Application of logo on 350grs. paper, matte, one ink.
Reparaciones FIX - Color palette and typography
Typography and corporate colors used for the construction of the image.
Reparaciones FIX - Cards
Advertising brochure in A5 format
Reparaciones FIX - Web
Web development and layout
Mockup web
Web adapted for desktop computers
Web adapted for mobile devices using Boostrap framework
Sample signage for the van using cut vinyl to reduce production costs, following the line demarcated in the corporate image.
Reparaciones FIX - Van
Van side
Reparaciones FIX - back van
Van back
Reparaciones FIX - T-shirt
Cap and T-shirt for workers.

Personal branding project, developing the brand proposal for a new repair company. We want to show a casual but robust image, to be perceived that behind the image there is a professional team capable of solving all kinds of incidents that may occur in the home.

The target audience are two, on the one hand the insurance companies as an intermediary, and on the other hand the end customer, who is the one who needs our services to solve the problem that arises. With these two ideas as a base we started working on the corporate image, combining professionalism with a casual approach.

The main typography and the combination of colors chosen gives authority to the whole, giving it strength on the one hand, along with a cheerful and original anagram (toolbox simulating a home) that gives dynamism to the brand.