Ricabots – Trading with bots

Ricabots - Cover

What Ricabots is?

Ricabots allows users with no knowledge of trading or cryptocurrencies to invest without having to worry about market fluctuations. Automated bots analyze the market and execute the most profitable trades at all times.

Ricabots - Primary color
Ricabots - Secondary color
Ricabots - Terciary color
Ricabots - Typography

Concepts and first ideas

After analyzing the market and the target audience we saw 2 very clear approaches with which to start working on concepts and proposals.

The first proposal was more informal, following the same tone as 75% of the current market, with a casual communication aimed at a young audience and very related to new technology that mostly spends their leisure time in digital environments, especially in relation to video games.

The second proposal bet more on formality, we wanted to convey seriousness, as we work with financial products and in recent years unfortunately has been common scams in the world of cryptocurrencies, for this reason we wanted to dissociate ourselves from that positioning and take advantage of it as an opportunity for differentiation.

We also work with a financial product aimed at users who do not have to have advanced knowledge to access them, because precisely these trading bots are designed for those who want to invest their money without worrying about trends or under the need to be informed of the latest developments.

Ricabots - Logotype color
Ricabots - Logotype positive
Ricabots - Logotype negative
Ricabots - Logotype gray scale

Sizes and versions

The logo presents a single horizontal version, which presents different variations according to the size at which it will be displayed: With slogan, without slogan and icon. The latter is especially used as an icon in digital media.

Ricabots - slogan
Ricabots - without slogan
Ricabots - Icon
Ricabots - Grid


An iconography of the different trading strategies offered by Ricabots is created and within each of them each product.

The products are based on the capital that the user is willing to invest according to a ranking established within the crypto community.

Each icon follows the same style and the same construction grid that was used for the logo.

whale icon
shark icon
octopus icon
crab icon
fish icon
shramp icon
Ricabots - strategy
Ricabots - strategy
Ricabots - strategy

Office supplies

Although at first Ricabots is going to work in digital media, the proposal is made for different office supports such as sheets, envelopes, business cards or folders.

Ricabots - Cards
Ricabots - Office supplies
Ricabots - Folders

Digital support

The design and layout of the website was done under WordPress and Woocommerce along with the proposal of different publications for social networks.


Advertising material support

Several proposals are made for outdoor advertising campaigns mainly for Mupi supports, both vertical and horizontal that can later be adapted to other types of format. We are working on the need to publicize the service offered by Ricabots to facilitate access to financial trading products based on cryptocurrencies to users with little knowledge.

MUPI horizontal

Visual image development for Ricabots, a financial service based on cryptocurrencies that works with automated bots. Thanks to its bots its users don’t need to know the world of cryptocurrencies to start investing, as they work 24/7 for you.

Being a digital service, it was decided to use an image linked to technology and innovation. By working with financial products we wanted to convey seriousness, moving away from other more casual styles that we can see in different products related to cryptocurrencies.