Romero Arauz – Legal advice

Romero Arauz - Logotype
Logotype color
Romero Arauz - Logotype versions
Positive, black and white versions of the logo for different applications.


Romero Arauz covers mainly 3 areas of advice (tax, labor and legal) to both companies and individuals, so we sought to represent that advice and guidance in different fields through its symbol: a compass.

Romero Arauz - Typography
Source Serif Pro Typography .
Romero Arauz - Color palette
Color palette
Romero Arauz
We compare the old graphic identity with the new graphic identity created for the firm Romero Arauz.
Signage for glass windows
Signage for glass windows


Once the new image was accepted, we proceeded to create all the necessary material to apply it in different media, both offline and online.

Methacrylate lettering
Interior signage with cut vinyl on methacrylate plate.
Indoor labeling
Interior labeling with cut vinyl.
Adaptation of the new corporate image to the web environment.

Corporate image project for Romero Arauz y asociados, the tax, labor and legal consultancy based in Cadiz, developed during the period I was working in Publicentro del Sur. They had an old image that they wanted to renew, according to the new digital times and their work philosophy.

As a symbol we looked for an analogy to the advice they offer in areas such as tax, labor and legal. For this, a compass was chosen, with elegant strokes, seeking simplicity.

As for the typography, we chose a thick serif, to convey the professionalism and know-how, along with the experience of over 25 years in the industry, which makes it a relevant firm.