Traduspanish web
Traduspanish web

Traduspanish is a company that offers all kinds of linguistic services at national and international level, from document translation, language interpretation or proofreading and revision of texts in English, Italian, German or Portuguese, among other languages.

After a year with the website finished, the results were not what we expected, with very few visits and hardly any conversions, so we needed to invest in internet marketing services, especially in search engine optimisation, in order to achieve better results in organic SEO.

To achieve this, we began by technically optimising the website, reducing load times, and cleaning up html, javascript and css code, then continued to optimise the texts according to the list of previously selected keywords and creating new content of interest to both the end client and the search engines.

In addition to search engine optimisation work, several parts of the layout and design of the website have been changed to give it a more polished and professional image, always respecting the adaptation of the website to all types of devices. It is developed under the CMS Joomla! with the facilities that implies when displaying information in three different languages and also manage a system for sending newsletters through the same CMS.

Today we are still working to improve the positioning in search engines, with an increase of 400% in visits since we started working on the website.


  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Made in Joomla!
  • Translated into 3 different languages.
  • Optimised for SEO campaigns

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Joomla – Javascript – CSS – HTML