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What are Figma plugins?

Figma is an excellent application for the creation of digital products, offers a community that in no time has become a reference which reminds us the WordPress community, where developers and designers contribute their projects, with templates, plugins or other resources.

Plugins in Figma provide functionality that we do not have by default, but that help us and streamline the daily task when working on different projects, such as adding location maps, icons, create wireframes, etc..

Figma plugins

In this article I want to start with a list, which over time, will be edited and updated with new interesting plugins.

Figma plugins


Map maker

Enter parameters such as direction, zoom level or map style for the creation of the map from two different sources (Google Maps or Mapbox). Once we agree with the preview, an image will be generated to add to the project.

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The famous royalty-free image website offers us its own plugin to make our work easier when adding images to our projects in Figma.

Using a search engine we find the image we need and with a double click we will have it on our project.

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wireframe plugin


A great variety of Wireframe libraries at our disposal to create prototypes, flows and basic structures.

All templates are in svg format, so we can edit them if we need it. A disadvantage about this plugin? it currently does not work properly in Firefox, hopefully over time they will fix it.

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Plugins for responsive design

Responsify plugin Figma


Quickly test designs on various device sizes. Select the frame, component or instance and from Responsify choose device size for testing.

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Break points plugin


Add breakpoints and link each range to your mockups getting an interactive preview when resizing the canvas. It works even without the plugin window open and any team member can resize the frame without having the plugin installed.

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In this video Figma’s colleagues show us how to combine the functionalities of each plugin to efficiently adapt the app to different screen sizes.


Material Design

Material Design

We will no longer have to access the official web of icons offered by Google for its Design system: Material Design. With this plugin we will have all the icons, with their styles (Filled, Outlined, Rounded, Sharp or Two tone). More than 27,000 in total :O!!

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Feather plugin Figma


Almost 300 icons available with an Outline style available for free for your projects. From Figma you can customize them as you need, but also on their official website you have the possibility to adjust parameters such as thickness, color or size to export them in .svg format.

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