Artificial intelligence in Photoshop

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Artificial intelligence in Photoshop

Although it may seem that artificial intelligence applied to graphic design is something recent, it has been used for some time. Google, for example, years ago launched its Autodraw tool, with which offer us get icons just by drawing.

Adobe has been incorporating artificial intelligence tools in Photoshop, in addition to its other applications, with which they save us a good amount of time in the retouching and creation of images.

Below we are going to see some of these artificial intelligence tools that we can already use in Photoshop and others that we can install through plugins.

artificial intelligence tools in photoshop

AI tools in Photoshop

Fill according to content

This tool may be the first tool to make use of artificial intelligence in Photoshop. It is a much faster and simpler method than the clone or patch tools. It fills the selected area by interpreting the surrounding pixels to maintain consistency in the image.

Replace sky

In addition to cropping the sky, it allows us to change it to a new one. This tool automatically adjusts the colors of the landscape to match the sky you choose from the Adobe library or one you have stored.

If you want to know how this tool works Adobe has official documentation to learn how to work with this tool used by digital artists. If you don’t want to read you have this video from PhLearn, a photo retouching guru.

Neural filters

These filters have been active in Photoshop for a few years now, but many in beta version. Over time they have been releasing finished versions that have become a revolution when we need to retouch an image, allowing us to colorize a black and white image, restore an old photograph, remove noise or even change the facial expression of a face.

Object or people selection

Photoshop has improved its tools removing background from objects or people within a scene thanks to artificial intelligence. For objects, for example, we only have to mark the area where is the object we want to isolate is placed and it will begin to run calculations to adjust the selection. In case we want to isolate a person, the result is better than what we got not long ago and it saves us a lot of time when we need to perfect the trimming of areas such as hair, which until not long ago was a real challenge.

It is clear that with this artificial intelligence tool the time we spend removing objects or people from an image will be significantly reduced.

Generative Fill

This artificial intelligence tool is the last one which Adobe has released and it works from its Adobe Firefly system. Currently it is in beta version but we can use it in a free way and its results are really amaizing.

You just have to select the area from image which you want to modify, remove o generate. If you wan to modify an area from the image, just select it and write an accurate prompt. If you want to remove or fill an empty area so that the image expands beyond its limits without unwanted cuts, leave the prompt empty and press the “generate” button.

Whichever option you choose Photoshop will give you up to 3 alternatives to choose from each time you generate a new prompt.

Here I bring you a video from PHLearn where you will able to see the odds about this artificial intelligence tool which it will make you spend hours in front of the computer.

External artificial intelligence plugins for Photoshop

Thanks to plugins, any developer can create a tool or a panel to improve the workflow of users. One of the advantages is that plugins can have the same look and feel as if they were designed by Adobe, and installation couldn’t be easier.

Stable Diffusion in Photoshop

Aunque Adobe presentó recientemente su herramienta de inteligencia artificial: Adobe Firefly (que luego comentaremos), para generar imágenes a partir de prompts los usuarios se han adelantado y han utilizado la IA Stable Diffusion para integrarla en forma de plugin.

Although Adobe recently show us its artificial intelligence tool: Adobe Firefly (which we will discuss later), to generate images from prompts, users have gone ahead and used Stable Diffusion AI to integrate it in as a plugin.

Currently there are several plugins that we can test for free under the Stable Diffusion system. Among them we have Alkaidart or Stableart

Others AI tools from Adobe

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei no es en sí una herramienta sino un conjunto de servicios de inteligencia artificial, pero creo necesario mencionarlo porque dará que hablar con el paso del tiempo. Su objetivo consiste en ofrecer soluciones a desafíos que la comunidad de creativos se encuentra en el día a día con los productos que ofrece Adobe, por lo que Adobe Sensei es la plataforma en la cual Adobe desarrolla todas sus soluciones de IA para luego implantar en sus productos.

Adobe Sensei itself is not a tool but a set of artificial intelligence services. I think it is important say it because it will be something to talk about as time goes by. Its goal is to offer solutions to challenges that the creative community encounters on a daily basis with the products offered by Adobe, so Adobe Sensei is the platform on which Adobe develops all its AI solutions to then implement in its products.

Go to Adobe Sensei

Adobe Firefly

Es la respuesta de Adobe a las herramientas de generación de imágenes por inteligencia artificial mediante palabras (prompts). De momento es gratuita (previo registro) aunque las imágenes generadas añaden una marca de agua en la esquina ya que no pueden ser usadas con fines comerciales.

It is Adobe’s answer to the tools for generating images by artificial intelligence using descriptions (prompts). At this time it is free (prior registration) although the images generated add a watermark in the corner as they cannot be used for commercial purposes.

I bring you the link to official website in order to take a look because it seems that amaizing tools will come with Adobe Firefly.

Go to Adobe Firefly

Iré actualizando el artículo conforme vayan lanzando nuevas herramientas de Inteligencia artificial en Photoshop o la comunidad saque plugins utilizando esta nueva tecnología.

This article will update as new Artificial Intelligence tools are released in Photoshop or as the community releases plugins using this new technology.

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