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The reality about the hosting service in Spain.

The hosting service is an international business, almost all developed countries offer this service, but I would like to hightlight the Spanish hosting. In my opinion these are abusers and disproportionate in relation to others contries which offer more for less.

Firsr of all, I want to tell that I am not in favor of ones or against others provider, I just contrast the product and price that offer the hosting service most popular in Spain with others countries.


Spanish hosting

Arsys, Abansys and Acens are the main hosting in Spain. Nowadays, late February 2010 in Arsys, which stand out between his rivals by register a great amount of domains, It offer for 4,90€/month, 58,8€/year, a share hosting, very basic, which amoung other features, it stand out 200Mb web capacity, 2Gb files transfer, 10 email account or 1 FTP account.

Foreign hosting

If we see Spacer Web Hosting, foreign hosting provider and see his eqivalent hosting cost 4,50$/month, even cheaper than Arsys, we can see that offer a lot of features more and more services, like an web space of 15Gb, 300Gb of transference monthly , 100 emails account, 20 FTP account, but it is also offer the possibility to host 3 domains more with the same hosting, 20 Mysql database with a maximum of 60Mb, which are necessary nowadays, web development in PHP versions 4, 5 and 6, by the way, it is free applications, or web statistics too. The most important, that isn´t the only one case, in godady o dollar2host for example the prices are very similar.

I think that don´t having tell much more, the information is here. it isn´t a personal opinion about that hosting is better or worst, it´s just a clearly sample of abuse that suffer any company which will want to buy this kind of service in Spain. Beacuse in Abansys isn´t much better, they offer more services than Arsys, like the possibility of to work with a PHP server or handle Mysql database since the lower product, but the rest of features following very poor and very expensinve. In Acens is undue, until 24€/month for 75Mb of web space and without database.

If you want see yourself the differen between them, here your go the links at their offers:

Acens :




My experience in hosting services

The question is why the providers about hosting in Spain increase so much the final price on their poor products. It seem that they are kidding us. On 4 years, which I was working in Universo Latino company, all domain and hosting was hiring on Arsys. It was rare the week which I don´t contact with them about troubles in email, hosting or administrative. In addition of high price the service wasn´t good.

Now I am freelance, I am hiring the hosting and domain service on Spacer web hosting, It advise me and I´m very happy about decision I took it. In firts, I saw the language a disadvantage, in case I would have contact about a trouble, but in six months I had just contact once and they resolve the problem quickly through chat support. Very professionals and businesslike.

On this article you can read a similar review with accurate:

NOTE: This article isn´t representative about all spanish scene, However it doesn´t avoid conclusions.

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