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What artificial intelligence models are?

Artificial intelligence models are computer systems that use algorithms and machine learning techniques to simulate human intelligence and perform specific tasks without direct human intervention.

These models can process large amounts of data and extract patterns and features to make decisions and predictions in many fields such as translation, medicine or, as in the case of this article, for the generation of digital images.

Artificial intelligence models for generating digital images have several features that make them effective in this task:

  • They can learn patterns from large amounts of training data to identify common features in images.
  • The use of deep learning algorithms such as convolutional neural networks or GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), which allow them to generate realistic images.
  • Flexibility in image generation to generate images of different types, such as photographs, drawings or graphics.
  • Efficiency in the generation process: Image generation models can generate new images in a few seconds or minutes, making them useful for real-time applications.
  • The ability to improve the quality of images either by increasing their resolution, improving their sharpness or eliminating noise.
Stable Diffusion models

Model formats for Stable Diffusion

In addition to the ckpt (checkpoint) model format used in TensorFlow, there are other image generation model formats, each one with its particularities and technicalities that we will not go into in this article due to their complexity, but I think it is useful to know them in order to know the format we are downloading.

  • ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange)
  • HDF5 (Hierarchical Data Format)
  • PB (Protocol Buffer)
  • SavedModel

Considerations before using Stable Diffusion models

Be aware of the danger of downloading a custom AI model, mainly for one reason, they may contain NSFW (Not Safe for Work).

Another risk is that these artificial intelligence models may contain malware or other malicious software, especially ckpt files. For this I advise you to use Safetensor if you want a safe AI model.

Before use these models for Stable Diffusion it is a good recommendation to read how to use its prompts in order to get the most out of them.

After these tips I hope you find the next list of models useful. If you know of another website let me know in the comments.

Websites for downloading models for Stable Diffusion



Civitai is by far the largest collection of artificial intelligence models that I know of. You can also upload your own models and publish them for the community to use.

Go to Civitai



Stadio ofrece la posibilidad de visualizar y evaluar los modelos antes de su descarga, tras registrarnos en su sitio web. Una opción que se agradece ya que nos puede ahorrar mucho tiempo en tiempos de descarga y subida de archivos tan pesados que suelen oscilar entre los 2 y 4 Gb.

Stadio offers the possibility to view and evaluate the models before downloading, after registering on their website. This is a great option because it can save us a lot of time in downloading and uploading such heavy files that usually range between 2 and 4 Gb.

Go to Stadio


Artificial intelligence models

La interfaz de Huggingface es completamente diferente a lo que nos encontramos en otros sitios comentados en este artículo, y es que Huggingface es un sitio donde podemos descargar modelos de inteligencia artificial de todo tipo (desde generador de imágenes a partir de texto, clasificación de datos, traducción, etc…), todos proyectos Open Source.

The interface of Huggingface is completely different from what we find in other sites discussed in this article, that is because Huggingface is a site where we can download artificial intelligence models of all kinds (from image generator from text, data classification, translation, etc …), all Open Source projects.

Son muchos ya los que lo comparan con el Github de la inteligencia artificial. Lo que comenzó siendo un chatbot para adolescentes se ha convertido en el depósito central de modelos de aprendizaje automático listos para usar y un punto donde muchas Startups crean herramientas impulsadas por IA.

A lot of people already compare it to the Github of artificial intelligence. What started as a chatbot for teenagers has become the central repository of ready-to-use machine learning models and a point where many startups create AI-powered tools.

Hugging face

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