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When we design and develop a website we have to contract the hosting service in order to save all files. In this article I will try to explain advantage and disadvantage about free hosting and piad hosting, which it helps you to do the best choice.

Advantage about free hosting versus paid hosting

The main advantage about free hosting serviles is the cero cost. This hosting provider give us tools in orden to custom the web content ourself, althought with some limitations.

If we wat websites with littel traffic and the breaks won´t be a huge problema, like a neighbour community or starting a blog, could be more practice start with a free hosting.

Disadvantage about free hosting versus paid hosting

If the free hosting provider doesn’t work or it shows problema, our web will be affected and we can’t contact with support who solves our problema, so the support only is avaible foro piad hosting services.

We don’t have access to files, so we can’t do backup files neither changes the development web, if you need it, the piad hsoting you have complete access a oír files, databases, emails, etc…

In general a provider free add always advertisement , without ask you before, which it detracts our web. In the paid hostings, the customer decides if add advice in our web

The free hosting squeez so much mean theta just support traffic. In a friends community can works fine, but in a website which has some life is non-viable. The server will be able to have breaks continously and speed leave much to be desired.

Free hosting is a poor service, so is inadvisable for a business which it wat to do things serios on internet. The hosting companies try that its become in a hook in order to the clients chooes the paid option.To be honest I think the best option are the paid hosting, by a low cost we can have a complete service, which quit us head hurts in the future.

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